What Tattoo Ink Are Used by a Tattoo Removal Expert?

What Tattoo Ink Are Used by a Tattoo Removal Expert?


Tattoos are all the rage these days. They can make a personal statement about you, that is well thought out, can work well for a lifetime.  Unfortunately, sometimes, people ink before they think!  Have you asked yourself all of the questions that you should answer before getting “Mom” tattooed to your arm?

Tattoo Ink

One question you must answer is “Where does the ink come from?” There is much high quality, commercially produced inks, but often tattoo artists mix their tattoo ink themselves. Tattoos are formed when an artist inserts ink (the chemical formulas for ink are as countless as the colors themselves) under the dermis layer of skin. If it can be crushed into a powder, it can come part of the artist’s palate. Vegetable dyes, minerals, glycerin, and purified water are often part of the mix.

At the very least, you probably want to know the source of the tattoo ink before you allow someone to go “all Picasso on you!” There are no real limits to what is put into the artist’s needles! Dyes and pigments are often comprised of titanium dioxide, iron oxides, acridine, phthalocyanine, and even ash. They might also use vegetable dye, metallic salts, and azo dyes.

Be aware that there are some significant health risks involved with getting tattoos if the ingredients are not purified or if the artist does not use proper sterilization procedures. You want to have confidence that the person applying your art is professionally trained and careful about proper techniques.

Need to have that tattoo removed no matter what kind of ink it is? An expert can help. Schedule a consultation and find out how easy having that eye-sore removed can be.


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