Using Anesthetic Cream for Tattoos- Yes or No?

Using anesthetic cream for tattoos


Emla cream is an anesthetic that seems to be used the most but it would be a good idea to ask the pharmacy there may be other even better. You would rub the cream on your skin before you have a tattoo or even if you are having a tattoo removed.

People in the tattoo business are divided as to its use, for a number of reasons. One is too slow the treatment and two it adds cost to the treatment?

How to use Elma cream

When you decide to have a tattoo removed then the first thing you are going to do is ask around and find out who in your area could do it. You will then get a price for the work. This is where people in the trade have different views on using or not using anesthetic creams.

Some say that it adds time to the procedure of having a tattoo removed because you have to stop every 30-60 minutes to put more cream on and wait for it to take effect before the treatment can proceed. If they are on a fixed price then they lose money if the treatment takes a lot more time.

Using anesthetic cream for tattoos

Another reason why some tattoo studios won’t use anesthetic creams says there is more pain when the cream wears off than some discomfort a person feel while having the removal of the tattoo. Their reasoning is that a person feels all the discomfort of the removal at once when anesthetic stops working.

So what is right, anesthetic or no anesthetic.

There s an old but true saying a customer is always right. If a person is looking to have anesthetic with the removal of their tattoo it is because they are worried about how much pain there is going to be. They may have got themselves really stressed out, anxiety would be fuelling their fears to a state that they could trigger off panic attacks. So regardless how the owner of a studio feel about anesthetic it is the customer who is paying them and if a customer is worried about scarring or pain over a removal then they should be helped to relieve that anxiety and stress they are feeling.

The studio or laser parishioner may not know how the person who wants the tattoo remove felt when they first had the tattoo put on their skin, it could have been a real nightmare for them. They may have been cohorts in having a tattoo by their partner or their peers (be one of the crowd)

A good tattoo studio or laser treatment center would offer a cream and if the tattoo to be remove is on the ankles or ribs (painful areas) as well as the cream give local injections (made consisting of a small amount of benzocaine, lido, and tetracaine, all forms of anesthetic) is probably the best method. Then when the treatment is over the cooling system would be used something like Zimmer which is German machine or Vinyl which is from China

It is always good business to cater for what a customer wants, maybe not what they need but that is not up to those who remove tattoo decision. Its the one who pays.

Side effects of using anesthetics

Make sure you have not allergic with any of the ingredients used in the anesthetics you may be offered or buy yourself. When you go to buy a cream ask to look at the information leaflet in the box which will give you all the information about using the product. If you are offered an anesthetic injection find out first before your appointment what would be in it and go to your local pharmacist for advice. any other medical condition you may have it is best to get some answers before you start with any type of procedures on your body.


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