TCA For Tattoo Removal: All you need to know

TCA For Tattoo Removal: All you need to know

TCA for Tattoo Removal:

Is Trichloroacetic Acid the Way to Go For Removing Your Old Tattoo?

If you have a tattoo that you regret ever going under the needle for, you may have considered laser surgery at one point or another. Laser surgery is probably the most considered method of all of the tattoo removal methods out there—and there are a lot of them to choose from.

As a person who may or may not be considering laser tattoo removal, it is important to know that there is an option out there that is considered to be even more of a popular tattoo removal method than laser removal, and that is TCA tattoo removal.

TCA For Tattoo Removal

TCA for tattoo removal is a revolutionary way of removing a tattoo that many people have considered and even more are successfully implementing for themselves.

Laser surgery can be costly and time-consuming, and many people who have looked at their tattoo removal options have discovered that TCA tattoo removal may just be the more sensible option. This is especially true for those who are not in a hurry.

Many times, gradual fading is enough progress for people who have ink they are looking to get rid of and in such a case, trichloroacetic acid for the removal of tattoos is a very interesting and viable approach.

What was TCA originally used for?

In most cases, TCA is a peeling agent that is used in doctor’s offices and dermatologist’s offices all across the world. It is like a forced exfoliation, causing the upper layers of the skin to peel off easily.

This is one of the methods that many spa professionals use to exfoliate the face drastically to remove the fine lines and wrinkles that can be so draining on a person. It has also been used with other skin imperfections, like calluses and warts, age spots and stretch marks.

There is some basis behind it being called one of the most popular tattoo removal methods out there but just like any tattoo removal option worth examining; it does have its downsides. Perhaps using TCA for tattoo removal may be your answer. Only you can make that decision.

Are There Side Effects When Using TCA for Tattoo Removal?

The primary concern with anybody interested in removing a tattoo properly should be the side effects of the tattoo removal method in question.

People react to different chemicals in different ways, and some people take better to certain chemicals than others. Needless to say, many people are more than alright with the side effects when using TCA for tattoo removal, especially when compared to the pain of laser surgery or other tattoo removal methods or even the discomfort of getting the tattoo itself.

TCA For Tattoo Removal

A few other facts you should know about TCA is that TCA does not need to be neutralized. Only the fruit acids need to be neutralized to stop them from working. TCA will neutralize itself after about twenty minutes.

You must remember that TCA cannot be washed off. It cannot be washed off because it cannot be taken out of the skin once applied. The small amount of TCA that you use will peel off when the skin has reached that part of the process.

It should also be known that 100% TCA really does burn a lot when you put it on. However, you CAN take the heat out of it by splashing cold water on it.

You do not need to leave the TCA on for the three full minutes as it neutralizes itself. It will keep working on its own even if you splash on cold water to take the heat out.

It is a generally accepted fact that all average skin types can use the 100% strength TCA.

Cautions for Certain Nationalities

100% or even 80% TCA concentrations must not be used for certain skin types as listed below.

If you have black skin, dark olive skin, or very sensitive skin you can dilute the TCA solution to 50%, BUT, you will need more peels.

It is quite safe for these skin types to use the diluted TCA solution at 50%.

The 50% TCA solution still burns but nothing like the 100% solution, of course.

Everyone should use the 50% TCA solution on the areas of their body that rarely see the sunlight. These include areas of the chest, stomach, etc. All of this should be stated in your instruction sheets.

How Does TCA Tattoo Removal Work?

The science of using TCA for tattoo removal is not at all complicated, contrary to what its name would suggest. This is a tattoo removal option that is gaining much attention and popularity right now. It is a clear substance that is dabbed onto an area with a q-tip or cotton swab.

The chemical causes the surface of the skin to become inflamed. In turn, the pigmentation slowly migrates to the top layer of skin, where it is later shed. The chemical only causes the inflammation; the natural exfoliation abilities of your body take care of the rest of this whole tattoo removal process.


TCA for tattoo removal will, however, fade your tattoo with each peel. Generally, 6+ peels are needed.

It is important to know that when using TCA for tattoo removal, it is not instant. As a matter of fact, it is not even close to instant. It may take several treatments for a tattoo to begin fading, but for those who cannot afford thousands of dollars for laser tattoo removal, TCA for tattoo removal is a very sensible idea.

Again, it is not for everyone. However, for those who are okay with the gradual results and a bit of discomfort, they will be encouraged watching the fading process and watching the tattoo slowly but surely peel and shed away over time.

Use TCA for Pre-Cover Up Tattoo Fading

Another popular use for the TCA chemical is fading tattoos in order to make them easier to cover them up with something else. If you are okay with getting some tattoo cover-up work done and aren’t really intent on removing the tattoo completely before getting another, then TCA may be a great option for you as well.

No matter how old your tattoo is, TCA tattoo removal is certainly something that should be tried as far as tattoo removal goes. It is a great first step in the efforts to remove your tattoo because it may work well and save you a lot of undue pain and expense.

The fact is that when you use TCA tattoo removal, it makes use of your own bodily processes of shedding and exfoliating makes it a great tattoo removal option. More importantly, it is also one of the least invasives of them all. This process makes your body work more efficiently and intently on ridding itself of your unwanted tattoo ink.

If you want to remove a tattoo, there is no better time to try that now. TCA removal solution is far less expensive than laser surgery and usually costs about as much as it would cost to get a tattoo in the first place.

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