Tattoo Removal for Some Is Pure Stress and Anxiety

Tattoo Removal for Some Is Pure Stress and Anxiety

Many of us got our tattoos when we were in our teens.  Some had their first tattoo because their friend where having a tattoo.  Many were mentally forced into having a tattoo by their loved ones. There are lots of people having a tattoo because they follow their sports team and for many its a statement who they feel they are.  

Some men feel having a tattoo make them fit more into the area where they live and look more streetwise. Regardless of the reason the first tattoo for anyone can be stressful and having a tattoo is painful though pain for one person will be different for another.

Some people say they felt more anxiety and stress while they waited to have their tattoo removed than they did when they had the tattoo put on.  because having a tattoo removed is a lot more painful and the procedure takes a lot longer. To help their customers of this fear and anxiety

A good tattoo parlor will help to reduce the stress and anxiety their customers may be feeling.  They do this by having a good clear work area, maybe soft music playing and the color of the parlor can help with relaxing the mind.  Some tattoo parlor will even go and remove any bad photos, a magazine that could make their customers worry, everything is done to reassure the customer that they are in good hands.

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 Some will offer anti-type medication like a cream that is rubbed into the tattoo that is being removed. The cream will anesthetic/numb the area for a short time but it is long enough to get the customer relaxed.  The other side of the coin is a lot different – the parlors are dirty crammed with tattoos photos all around the room and the people who work there have taken it or leave it attitude.

The level of pain attached to having the tattoo can vary from one person to another.  To one person they feel a lot of pain to another a mere irritation. For some, the thought of having a  laser burning into their skin is just as bad as those who faint at the thought of a needle piercing their skin many times.


When a person becomes too stressed they can bring on a panic attack.  Panic attacks occur because the stress and anxiety in the body can not cope with the adrenaline that builds up in the body.   This is the same fear that early man felt, a fight or flit situation. Nowadays we do neither but our body still has to release the adrenalin somehow and that is through panic attacks.


One way to see if you are stress is to look at your fingernail (ladies with being more aware of this)  If you have white spots in your fingernails it is a warning sign you are under stress. White spots on the nails are caused by a lack of Zink which is one of the bodies nervous system uses and stress burns this and other vitamins burn up quicker in a stress mode than being relaxed.


You can go here panic attack treatments to see what attack symptoms are and how to stop them if you are prone to being the very nervous type of person.

The best solution is to go to a tattooist first If you are looking to have a tattoo removed then find out the tattoo parlors method of removing the tattoo and the cost.

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