Tattoo Removal Pain: Without the Stress and Anxiety

Tattoo Removal Pain: Without the Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress over the cost and pain of removing a tattoo is a real problem for some people. For some people, the thought of going to a tattooist is much the same as going to a dentist. Many say going back to a tattooist is more stressful than they felt when they had the tattoo done in the first place. This is more to do with the pain and discomfort at the time their tattoo. the mind tens to think about only a small part of their experience of having a tattoo and this is usually the pain they felt. this stays in the mind and because a person focuses on it, it feels more painful than it actually was.

When people look at YouTube and watch videos on how some people react as they have their laser treatment this reinforces their fears. It’s understandable having watched these videos a person heartbeat goes up and anxiety builds up. Some people get so stressed before having a tattoo removed they have a few drinks or take some form of the pill to relax.


Not everyone is scared of having a tattoo removed some seem to in joy it. Some of the videos even show people scraping their tattoos off with a knife and sandpaper?  If you want to remove the tattoo all together then there are a number of options for you. Some are painfully and some are not. You can try what is called de-inking. The name they gave for this is Dermabrasion which in simple terms “plains the skin” from your body which has the tattoo on. This should be done by a professional dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

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A very similar method is called Micro-dermabrasion. It is a newer method and non- surgical and is available in a number of outlets. It can be performed by a non-medical person – but it would still be a good idea to find out how many successful times they had performed the treatment from the people you go to. You don`t want to be the first they try it on. If stress and anxiety is a problem for you then it would be a good idea to take a friend with you.


The more common way of having a tattoo removed is laser treatment. You can see how this works in (again see Youtube videos) the system used for tattoo removal is known as Q-switching. Q-switching is a specific form and potent pulse that when place over a tattoo will break the tattoo ink leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.


This type of tattoo procedure comes in two strengths called active and passive. Active laser treatment is recommended as it seems to get better results with no scarring. The passive system works exactly the same way but the strength of the laser is less and in most cases will not safely remove a tattoo.


Passive Q-switching lasers in most cases are much smaller but more portable than an active laser. Many of the passive Q-switching lasers are used more by a small tattooist setup.

This took 9 treatments to remove this one color tattoo – so would have cost a lot of money and discomfort


The manufacturers of both types of laser systems obviously say that their system has all the reliability to remove any tattoo safely and without scaring. What is most important is the operator. So it is always best to get as many possibly recommendations about the place you pick to have the tattoo removed.


With all these methods you probably will still feel some stress, anxiety and if you are the type you worry then maybe even a panic attack as there could be some pain and some scaring, so think carefully about having your tattoo removed with these treatments.

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