Tattoo Removal Creams vs. Laser and Surgery: What is Best for You?

Tattoo Removal Creams vs. Laser and Surgery: What is Best for You?

Tattoo removal creams are becoming an increasingly popular treatment versus the traditional options, that is, laser and surgery. Not a surprise, since a topical tattoo removal cream can fade and, over time, erase unwanted tattoos for a fraction of the cost.

Tattoo Removal Creams vs. Laser and Surgery:

On the other hand, laser tattoo removal and surgery (either dermabrasion or skin grafting) are painful, both to your wallet and your skin, and I seriously doubt any health insurance covers laser/surgery tattoo removal. Often the pain associated with laser removal exceeds that of the tattoo application.

Another reason why creams are becoming so popular is, of course, that you don’t need to set up appointments for the treatment sessions. You just do it in the privacy of your home at your convenience.

Yet another reason is that the chance of producing scarring with creams is much less than with laser treatment.



A point of the debate may be the speed of action: Tattoo removal creams may take around 6 months to produce significant fading, although some users report having good results within 3 months, while others need up to 18. On the other hand, laser removal may be perceived as being a quick method, but in order to completely remove a tattoo you need many sessions, with waits in between to allow your skin to heal, so all in all the process can last multiple months.

Both methods are not exclusive though. Some people use both: They use creams first to fade their tattoos, which reduces the number (and cost) of laser sessions required afterward.

Besides creams, laser, and surgery, you may want to consider other options. Not strictly removal options, but some people “get rid” of tattoos by wearing makeup daily, or covering them with other tattoos.


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