Type of Tattoo Removal Creams: Analyzed and Solutions!

tattoo removal creams

Also known as  the Tattoo Fading or Erase Method of Tattoo Removal


Tattoo Removal Creams Analyzed:

If you’re deciding about trying a tattoo removal cream instead of laser or surgery, here’s a few points to bear in mind.


TCA lotions

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) is a skin peeling agent present in some products. Actually, TCA products are mostly liquid, so “lotion” or “gel” might be a better word than “cream”. TCA works by burning off the top of the skin, which is somewhat risky to your health and skin:

  • You’re more likely to get scars with a TCA product.
  • It’s definitely reckless to use near the lips, eyes and other sensitive areas because it causes irritation.
  • Some experts have classified TCA as a poison by subcutaneous route.

TCA is only effective on white (Caucasian) skin, causing negative effects on Asian, black or brown skins.

TCA lotions deliver results faster than their non-TCA counterparts, but because of the risks, it’s advisable to use TCA products in the presence of a dermatologist.


Non-TCA creams

Tattoo removal creams contain skin peeling, bleaching and/or lightening agents. These creams fade and, over time, erase the tattoo by pushing the injected inks to the surface. Some creams come packed with a device to remove the upper layers of the skin (exfoliating pad) to aid in the process.

These treatments don’t work as fast as TCA, but they’re also less aggressive to your skin and work with all skin types.

Watch out! Some creams contain hydroquinone, a product often found in skin care products, but which has been banned in the European Union and is also suspected of producing cancer.


Again, be patient, don’t expect results overnight. Fading takes months if you choose the removal cream option.

Tattoo Removal Cream Today

Tattoo removal creams are the preferred solution to get rid of tattoos. The usual alternatives (laser tattoo removal and surgery) are both painful and expensive.



I would like to address the issue of tattoo removal creams and solutions. However, before I proceed any further, I’d like to dispel the myth that “Tattoo Removal Creams, Tattoo Fading Creams, TattooErase Methods work”.  Do not believe that. Much of this is said out of ignorance. It is a fallacy. Just like anything else, some will work better than others.


They do not want you to believe that simply for ‘economic” reasons. Just think for a moment how many laser specialists, tattoo artists, and others out there make their living.  If you were one of them, would “YOU” recommend an easy to do, Do It Yourself method to anyone?


Of course not.  This is a myth put out by others who would rather that you believed that tattoo fading doesn’t work.


This simply is not true.  By the way, this method of tattoo removal is also known as tattoo erase method and tattoo fade method.


How do I know? Well, I have a “homemade” tattoo that is about 18 years old and I did try one of the tattoo fading methods I listed below, to try to remove an old girlfriend’s name.


Did it remove”MY” tattoo?  Nope! But, do you want to know the truth why it didn’t work for me?


Well, to be completely honest about it, it was due to my own laziness and forgetfulness.  That’s right! If you don’t use it, it won’t work! What a revelation, huh?


Just like everything else in our life, we have to follow the directions or it generally will not work.


BUT, I can tell you this———– Although I only used it off and on for about two months, it did actually lighten my tattoo.  Not a lot, but certainly enough to notice the difference.

tattoo removal creams

I do know that if I had followed the instructions completely, as I should have,  my tattoo would have been gone completely or very significantly lightened. I am just that type of person that is always trying to “hurry” things up.  Just a bit impatient so it just was not for me.


Just remember that the tattoo removal creams method is just like any other method of tattoo removal in that it is dependent on many different factors such as the size of your tattoo, was it done professionally or not, the depth of the ink, and the colors used in your tattoo that you want to remove.


Your red and black inks are much easier to remove than the greens and blues.


Another positive note about tattoo fading creams removal systems is that they are painless and do not leave any scarring.  Although it is a fact that the tattoo removal creams method is much slower than having a laser remove your tattoo, it is also much less expensive.  As long as you are willing to follow all the directions to a T and are willing to invest the required time, you should see either a much lighter tattoo or a tattoo that has faded almost completely.  


A possible caution that you might want to consider with some of the tattoo remover creams is that some of them may contain an ingredient called  Hydroquinone.


Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching chemical that is suspected by some to be a cause of cancer and another skin disease called Exogenous Ochronosis.


Products that contain Hydroquinone are not allowed to be sold in France, Australia, Japan, and England.


However, it must also be stated that as of today, there has been no actual proof ofHydroquinone causing either of these conditions.


What are the Tattoo Removal Creams and Lotions on the market today from which you have to choose?


There are now many tattoo fading creams on the market today.  Some better than the other but most appear to have all the same or similar ingredients.


Let me list each one and tell you a little bit about each.



  • Tattoo-Off—–  A two stop fading creams. Contains a creams primer and a creams initiator.  Tattoo-Off voluntarily lists its ingredients.




  • Tat-B-Gone—– Has three steps to use it.  Has three containers. These are aSkin Preparer, Activator, and Infusion.  Ingredient list not seen on the website.




  • Tat2BGone—– Has three containers. Appears to be much like Dermasal, if you compare both websites.  No ingredients listed on the website.




  • Dermasal—– Has three containers.  A Topical Solution, Protectant Gel and LiguidSoothing Agent.  No ingredient list on the website.




  • ProFade—– Three Step and three containers.  Profade has a Skin Scrub, Cleanser, and the Fade creams.   ProFade does have the ingredients listed on their websites.




  • Vanish—–  A two-step removal process that appears to come with two containers.  One spray bottle and one jar. I did not see an ingredient list on their website.  However, they advertise that all the ingredients are natural and completely safe.




  • Fade-Away—– This is three step fade method that comes with a Cleanser, a Skin Scrub, and theFade Creams.  They also list their ingredients on their website.



  • Wrecking Balm—– Wrecking Balm is the newest tattoo fading method on the market today.  It apparently is a four-step method because it appears to come with four containers.  These are a Creams, Gel, Spray and a Concealer. No ingredient list was found on their website.


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