Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Cream: A Brief Introduction

Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Cream: A Brief Introduction


The business of tattoo removal has been growing almost as fast as the recent popularity of tattoos. The Rejuvi Tattoo Removal product is a unique and fairly new method available for removing tattoos – both facial cosmetic tattoos as well as body tattoos.

People are looking to remove tattoos for many reasons. From gang-related tattoos to people that just want to make more real estate available for future tattoos. Yes, we’re heading to the point where people want more options to remove tattoos. Even just to rotate out their old tattoos for new ones.  Although, the majority of individuals wanting to remove their tattoos are just people that have changed their mind. They may no longer feel their tattoos are flattering or the importance of the meaning behind the image just doesn’t play an important part of their lives anymore.

About Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Cream

Rejuvi is designed to completely remove tattoo ink from the body. The tattoo extraction cream blends and captures the tattoo ink. It then transforms into a thicker consistency which the skin naturally pushes out.

The Rejuvi tattoo removal system is effective when tackling professional tattoos, homemade tattoos and permanent makeup in most areas. Some tattoo removal products have problems with certain colors of ink but Rejuvi is equally effective on all colors. Sensitive areas such as near the eyes may be more of a challenge for this type of treatment. This would have to be discussed with your Rejuvi trained tattoo artist or technician.

Compared to other tattoo removal options available, Rejuvi tattoo removal is safer, very effective, and Rejuvi is cost effective.

Rejuvi tattoo removal cream is safe and has been researched and tested for over ten years and has been used widely for the last five.



Rejuvi tattoo removal cream is applied with either a regular tattoo machine or other micro-pigmentation methods. The process should only be carried out by someone trained in applying the Rejuvi cream. Some clients have experienced problems such as permanent scarring but in these cases, the reason behind the problem was usually the poorly trained technician administering the treatment.

Is Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Safe?

If you decide on using the Rejuvi tattoo removal method to remove an unwanted tattoo you are making a safe choice. Other methods of tattoo removed usually involve more pain during the healing process and more widespread scarring. The cases that involved any scarring after receiving a Rejuvi treatment were very low. Advantages you will find with Rejuvi tattoo removal over laser is it will not cause pigment changes or skin texture issues.

Rejuvi Tattoo and Scarring Removal

That being said, there are cases of excessive scarring for people that have sought out Rejuvi tattoo removal.  Ultimately, the problem lays with the person administering Rejuvi.  The product is usually blamed but in truth, the problem is in the inadequate training of the person doing the work.  If you decide on Rejuvi treatment be sure you are putting your trust in someone who has a good training foundation.

Rejuvi Training:

Rejuvi training for people interested in becoming proficient at administering Rejuvi tattoo removal is typically offered 2 different types. One is designed for experienced trainees who have some experience with tattooing and novices who do not have a background in tattoo work.

Proper Rejuvi training is essential to avoid adverse effects such as hypertrophy and pigment change.

Rejuvi Training – How Is Rejuvi Applied?

Rejuvi tattoo removal cream can be administered into the skin with a conventional tattoo machine as well as a micro pigmentation machine. Both machines operate basically the same to deliver the product under the skin. A numbing cream is applied prior to beginning the procedure. This makes the process less painful than getting the tattoo in the first place. Most artists do not use a similar cream when giving a tattoo as it has been known to effect color when applying the artwork.

Rejuvi tattoo removal has its a share of pros and cons and hopefully, the material presented here will help you make an informed decision on whether it is the right step for you.

Advantages of Rejuvi Tattoo Removal:


  1. A lot less painful than other methods of tattoo removal.
  2. Suitable on professional tattoos as well as permanent makeup.
  3. Is not color selective, Rejuvi can work on all pigment colors.
  4. Cheap compared to other tattoo removal methods.
  5. Quicker than laser removal.
  6. Less scaring than dermabrasion.
  7. Higher success rate than laser treatment.
  8. More effective than topical creams.
  9. This method of tattoo removal is more effective than tattoo removal creams that are currently on the market.
  10. It works well on all colors. Many tattoo removal methods have limitations or shortcoming when it comes to certain inks. That is not the case with Rejuvi.
  11. Rejuvi tattoo removal is more affordable than other methods. Compared to the cost of laser removal, Rejuvi is much more cost effective.
  12. Rejuvi tattoo removal works on all types of body art. It is suitable for treating professional grade and amateur grade tattoos. It is also suitable for removing most areas when it comes to permanent makeup.
  13. Rejuvi tattoo removal results in less scarring than other methods of tattoo removal such as dermabrasion.
  14. Less time involved than when going with laser tattoo removal.
  15. The pain involved is relatively low. Compared to laser Rejuvi is much less painful.

Disadvantages of Rejuvi Tattoo Removal:

  • The finished outcome is not guaranteed. Results vary between patient depending on the condition of the tattoo.
  • The crust must be kept clean in order to avoid possible infection.
  • As with other tattoo removal procedures, there is a slight risk of permanent scarring.
  • The entire procedure may take up to a year to complete.
  • There is no way to predict how successful the treatment will be. The results are different in each case and the results are also influenced by the condition of the tattoo.
  • There is a risk of scarring
  • Even though treatments are faster than laser, the process may take up to a year due to the healing time required between treatments.

How Much Does Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Cost?



This, of course, depends on exactly where you live, but expect to pay around $125 per square inch per treatment!

Is Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Painful?


Thought of as one of the benefits of Rejuvi is the minor level of discomfort most clients experience. Rejuvi tattoo removal is substantially less painful than laser and other extreme methods of removal such as dermabrasion.

Speak With Your Doctor About Rejuvi


The person to best discuss your expectations and what to expect after your treatment is your doctor. He should be able to give you an estimate of the number of visits, what your end result will be, and the cost of the entire process.


After Rejuvi – How Will the Area Feel?


After receiving a treatment of Rejuvi tattoo removal, you can expect the area to be red and look sore. Within the next few weeks, a scab should form. This scab will consist primarily of the ink that has pushed out through your skin. To improve your success rate, you should follow the technician’s instructions to the letter in caring for the area.


After Rejuvi treatment, the scabbed area may cause some discomfort as the skin pulls with this hard crusted scab. Eventually, it’ll fall off and underneath you should see a big difference in the tattoo area. The area treated with Rejuvishould has removed quite a bit of your color.

Rejuvi Aftercare Instructions:

Rejuvi Aftercare: These are typical instructions given to people who have received a Rejuvi tattoo removal treatment:



  1. Keep the area dry. If water does come in contact with moisture, use a cotton ball to gently remove water from the area.
  2. Do not pick at or peel off the crust or scab that will form from your Rejuvi application. Over the next seven to fourteen days the scab should peel off naturally.
  3. If you happen to see signs of infection, clean the area by gently applying hydrogen peroxide and by applying an antibiotic ointment near the edge of the area and consult with your doctor. He may recommend you take antibiotics to completely remove the infection.
  4. Once the scab falls off naturally, the skin area will have an irritated red look that will persist for the next two to three months. If you received the Rejuvi “h” Soothing Cream from the technician that gave you your Rejuvitreatment, apply this cream immediately after the crust drops off to diminish redness and help the healing process.
  5. You will most likely experience itching as the area heals but refrain from acting on the feeling. Do not scratch the skin! Apply an anti-itch ointment and try tapping the area to help with the itchy sensation. If you give in to the desire, you may cause damage to the area which may result in scarring.
  6. After the area has healed completely, the removal process can be tried again to clear up any areas remaining.
  7. With Rejuvi tattoo removal, you do not have to avoid exposure to direct sunlight after the treatment.
  8. The area may be tattooed again after the skin has completely healed – usually after 2 months. Your tattoo artist will determine if the skin is ready.

Rejuvi Aftercare Results:


Your ability to follow instructions you are given for your Rejuvi aftercare is important to the ability of Rejuvi to remove your tattoo.

Explained Rejuvi Tattoo Removal:

Rejuvi works by softening and clinging to the tattoo ink and pushing the ink towards the surface of the skin. It can be thought of as chemical extraction. Rejuvi tattoo removal cream is equally successful at removing all colors. With some tattoo ink removal methods, darker colors may be more difficult to remove than lighter colors but that is not the case with Rejuvi.



Success with Rejuvi Training:

The success of the treatment is dependent not only on the technician giving the treatment, the product itself but also on the care given to the area after the treatment. The training given to the technician will include addressing this also. The technician will give explicit instruction for the aftercare necessary to ensure the success of Rejuvi tattoo removal cream.


The typical duration of the training is 1-3 days for experienced tattoo artists and 3-5 days for people that do not possess such a background. Learning institutes may differ in their requirements. Most learning institutes including Rejuvi training schools will usually work with you to work out payments. Many will have an offer some type of financing program to cover the expenses of receiving Rejuvi training. Your success as a Rejuvi technician is dependent on the quality of Rejuvi training you obtain.

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