Tattoos Can Be Temporary- Do You Think This Is True?

temporary tattoo

Undo Your Ink!

Sometimes our tattoos define us.  For life.  However, sometimes our old tattoos from years ago no longer represent who we are today! Studies have shown that out of people get tattoos: 44% wanted to feel unique, 33% wanted to feel independent and 28% wanted to bring attention to a particular life experience.  Well, life experiences change!

Undo your ink

Tattoos have become popular, and many times, useful way to express oneself, and have become an outlet for a younger population in the United States to do so.  People with tattoos are no longer considered rebels, but rather the norm…which also means that removal of unwanted tattoos is also becoming a common trend in our society. We’re seeing it in the news with celebrities like Megan Fox and Mark Walberg…and seeing it in the everyday dad or professional whose tattoo has just become outdated with their current lifestyle.  With the type of laser technology at the Tattoo Removal Centers of America, located in a Lakeview, a team of trained physicians is taking care of individuals with all types of stories, but who all share the common goal:  to  “undo their ink.”  

Do You Think This Is True?

Published online and in the July print issue of the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, is a study stating that people with tattoos consume more alcohol than those without them.  Do you think this is true?  Considering the growing popularity of tattoos today, are tattoos still considered taboo and primarily associated with certain types of people? Check out some excerpts from the article and decide for yourselves…

Tattoos Can Be Temporary!

According to, the definition of a Tattoo is The permanent insertion of ink or other pigments below the skin using a sharp instrument. Humans have done tattooing for cosmetic and ritual purposes since the Neolithic era.

This definition should be updated! This definition is as almost as ancient as the art of tattooing. Unwanted or outdated tattoos no longer need to be thought of as a permanent part of your body, and life. Now, because of the technology and expertise available at The Tattoo Removal Centers of America, tattoos can be remembered as a temporary era in your life that may not represent who you are now!

At the Tattoo Removal Centers of America, our board-certified physicians have devised a specific protocol, using the RevLite laser, the next generation of Q-switched laser technology to effectively lighten and remove tattoos. The RevLite laser is the finest tattoo removal laser available. The RevLite SI laser is a multi-wavelength aesthetic laser ideal for safe, effective, individualized tattoo removal in patients with all skin types. 

Your tattoo doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture in your future: Check out the other article here


How do I know who to trust when I getting my tattoo removed?

getting my tattoo removed

Getting removed a tattoo from the back whether it be the small of the back or the shoulder is much like any other tattoo removal. Typically these type of tattoos are much larger and will take more time and more treatments.

This can be a scary question to ask. Whether it’s been a year or 40 years after you got your tattoo, making the decision to remove may seem scary. But there are ways to find out about the best options for removing your tattoo.


Just 20 years ago, the only way to remove a tattoo was by surgical removal which left a large and unsightly scar. This alone is sometimes a reason not to have it removed. It was expensive and looks ugly after completion. But now there is new technology and treatments that make the removal process easy and FAST. Fast is not even the word for it…

getting my tattoo removed

So fast that an entire tattoo can be gone in seconds.  While the pain may be there, it’s not nearly as painful as getting the tattoo in the first place nor does it take nearly as long, even if you must do multiple treatments.

Dr. TATTOFF has seen thousands of patients and knows how and when to remove every type of tattoo out there. With his skilled and trained staff, they can remove tattoos quickly, effectively and without almost no trace of a scar or remnant of the tattoo.

This is a breakthrough technology that works fast to remove a mistake, name or alter the tattoo in any way.

Trust the experts and professionals in several states and cities across the country.

What Tattoo Ink Are Used by a Tattoo Removal Expert?

Tattoo Ink


Tattoos are all the rage these days. They can make a personal statement about you, that is well thought out, can work well for a lifetime.  Unfortunately, sometimes, people ink before they think!  Have you asked yourself all of the questions that you should answer before getting “Mom” tattooed to your arm?

Tattoo Ink

One question you must answer is “Where does the ink come from?” There is much high quality, commercially produced inks, but often tattoo artists mix their tattoo ink themselves. Tattoos are formed when an artist inserts ink (the chemical formulas for ink are as countless as the colors themselves) under the dermis layer of skin. If it can be crushed into a powder, it can come part of the artist’s palate. Vegetable dyes, minerals, glycerin, and purified water are often part of the mix.

At the very least, you probably want to know the source of the tattoo ink before you allow someone to go “all Picasso on you!” There are no real limits to what is put into the artist’s needles! Dyes and pigments are often comprised of titanium dioxide, iron oxides, acridine, phthalocyanine, and even ash. They might also use vegetable dye, metallic salts, and azo dyes.

Be aware that there are some significant health risks involved with getting tattoos if the ingredients are not purified or if the artist does not use proper sterilization procedures. You want to have confidence that the person applying your art is professionally trained and careful about proper techniques.

Need to have that tattoo removed no matter what kind of ink it is? An expert can help. Schedule a consultation and find out how easy having that eye-sore removed can be.


Are Tattoos Dangerous to your Skin?

Are Tattoos Dangerous


Are Tattoos Dangerous?

You can hardly go anywhere these days without seeing someone who viewed their skin as a blank canvas. Back in the day, that would have raised an eyebrow or two, but these days it’s pretty common to see ink on everyone from Junior to Grandma.


Currently, as arts speculate that25 percent of Americans under age 30 have a tattoo. That number is sure to rise as new studios popping up around the nation faster than dandelions in your backyard There are questions that everyone should answer before getting a tattoo


First, since you will live with the decision for a lifetime, ask what risks you may be facing. Not all tattoos are created equal.


Talk to people who have gotten inked and you will soon discover that 50 percent or later wish they hadn’t played canvas for some ink artist.

Are Tattoos Dangerous

What about your friends? Any regrets?  What about your employer? Do they have policies regarding showing ink at work?  Do you know the rules? It’s risky and probably a bit foolish to get yourself on the boss’ short list just because you wanted a tattoo.


Ask your tattoo artist for the source of their inks.  Tattoo ink is not regulated by the government and some have tested positive for carcinogens and mercury. These are not the kinds of things you want to have to cling to your skin for decades to come!


Some inks can cause allergic reactions. Infections while not common, can occur too. Be sure to find out how your tattoo artist will handle these kinds of emergencies.  The time to do your research is before you take the plunge and go shoulder to shoulder with modern art.


In the end, asking the right questions can help you avoid the greatest expense related to getting a tattoo: getting it removed. Do the research and start slow. Even Ray Bradbury’s “Illustrated Man” took a lifetime to transform his body into a life-sized canvas.


Laser Tattoo Removal: How It Works, How Long Does It Take?

Laser Tattoo Removal How it Works

Tattoo Removal How it Works


The majority of tattoo removal requires multiple treatments. Tattoo removal expert will offer you a free consultation and compare your tattoo using the  Kirby-Desai Tattoo Removal Scale. This will give us a more accurate idea of how many treatments you’ll need. because everyone’s skin tone, type, and ink used in the tattoo vary greatly, most removals will take between five and 15 treatments although the treatment itself only lasts seconds.

Laser Tattoo Removal How it Works

You May be able to resume most activities soon after treatment, provided you ensure the area is not rubbed or scratched. If you are in the sun, you need to cover the treated area to prevent sunburn until the skin has healed. Most importantly, follow any clinical staff’s directions; they may adjust from treatment to treatment to ensure the best results.

Laser Tattoo Removal How it Works

Laser energy is directed at the tattooed area for a tiny fraction of a second (5 billionths of a second). The RevLite laser energy passes harmlessly through the outer layer of the skin and targets the tattoo ink directly.


Tattoo Removal How it Works


The laser shatters the tattoo ink into micro-particles that your body then breaks down naturally and absorbs. The RevLite laser selectively targets the tattoo ink pigment without damaging the surrounding skin. The result is successful and safe tattoo removal with minimal discomfort. A series of treatments are needed and the average treatment takes between 20 seconds- two minutes.

Just Not as Cool as it Used to Be?

Rethinking that college tattoo? Not friends with so and so anymore? Divorced and don’t want your ex-wife tattooed across your chest? Whatever the reason, Tattoo removal expert can remove almost any tattoo from any place on your body safely and easily.

How? With a revolutionary laser system that can completely remove a tattoo in 5-15 treatments. With treatments running between $40 and $60 per session and with a free coupon for your first session on their Facebook Page/ Website this is more doable than you thought. There are several locations around the southern US so find one near you now!


Tattoo inks that can seriously affect your health?

Tattoo ink efect



In the U.S.A tattoo inks are regulated by the U.S Food and Drug Department. This is because the inks are classed as cosmetic and the inks colors come under the food additives. Research carried out on inks that are used by some tattooist is so strong that they are classed as industrial strength, in other words, the inks that you put in your copier is the same ink being put on your body.

One of the laws in California which are called proposition 65 makes tattooist warn their customers that tattoo inks they use contain heavy metals which are known to start some form of cancers and also birth defects.

Here are just a few of the metals used in color inks.

Red – mercury

Yellow and green – lead

Yellow-green and white – Cadmium

Tattoo ink used

Green – Cobalt

Blue – Aluminium

Green and violet – titanium

white – Copper

Blue and green – Iron




This list goes on and it gets worse. Inks that glow in the dark. There are other types of ink that will glow in the dark. These are named Glow and black-light ink.

Glow inks work by absorbing and retaining light. and this light will shine in darkened conditions. the process of this is called phosphorescence.

Black-light inks work in a different way and do not glow in the dark. They will show if a person is in non-visible UV light which works by fluorescence.

The medical community is split on if these inks do any harm to a person having these inks in their skin. You would be wise to look at the ingredients of these products before you have them in your skin. Glow inks are listed under PMMA which is short for (poly-methi-methacrylate) which makes up around 97- 98% of the ink and 2-3% made of microspheres of fluorescent dye all suspended in UV sterilized distilled water

It worth noting that there is a product called “Black henna” with the Canada health authority advises people not to use though it seems they have not to band this at the time this article was written.

Black-Hanna is usually used externally in a process and not in the skin. It is a temporary application in Mahanadi art in India and is sometimes referred to as temporary-Mahanadi and it can be washed off. Mahanadi is also the name of a river in India, so I would imagine this is where this form of body art started out.

How do you stand legally when things go wrong is a question of peoples mind. In the United States where the legal system lets open to any claim put forward. Other Counties not so as the cost can and do get out of hand.

One case in America stand out and that was in 2007. The lawsuit was between the American Environmental Safety Institute (AESI) who brought the case against two of the biggest ink manufacturers in the U.S. The case resulted in the inks manufacturers having too put a warning label on their ink products used in tattooing

The problem of putting heavy metals into your skin is only a small part of the risk of having a tattoo. Not all tattoo parlors their needles an equipment are looked after. There are a number of cases when the equipment used is not properly sterilized between customers. This can lead to hepatitis B or C, also syphilis – tuberculosis – mycobacterium. Also HIV and malaria.

In the case of malaria when I was a junior engineer many years ago in the merchant navy. My friend had a tattoo put on by a tattooist who came on board. about 5 weeks later as we went around South Africa cost my friend developed malaria and was put ashore in West Africa. When I saw him about a year later he was working shore side. He told me it took many weeks to get over malaria and a lot of stress and anxiety getting him home .he wasn’t able to get another ship as no other company would take him on because of the cost of bringing him home if malaria returned.


Tattoo Removal Can Bring on Panic Attacks?

Panic Attacks

What is a panic attack?

In the film, Iron man 3,  Ironman played by Robert Downey Jr is having panic attacks and if you have seen the film then his attacks are what a panic attack can feel like.  To get to that stage you would have gone through worry, stress and anxiety, steps that can build up to a panic attack.

Panic Attacks

Is Will having a tattoo removed cause stress and anxiety?

Removing tattoos has now become a big business. As the younger generation start to grow up and go into the workplace Tattoo’s they have on their face and hands are now stopping them breaking into the job market. It can also lead to bouts of anxiety, stress and panic attacks because of this. So it makes sense to really think about removing a tattoo that in bosses eyes would not fit in with their company image.


The problems of removing a tattoo are two-fold. One is financial and the other is possible scarring. Scarring will probably happen more often by letting nonqualified people remove the tattoo. This can lead to stress and anxiety as their assault on removing the unwanted tattoo. it is not uncommon for people who are about to have a tattoo removed to have a panic attack, even people who have covered their bodies some suffer from anxiety and panic attacks when a tattoo is removed.


If you do already suffer from stress and panic attacks then it a good idea to see if you can stop an attack before you go through with the removal of your tattoo. I found this site who has more information on panic attacks then we deal with.


It is not a good idea to go after the cheapest possible deal for removing your tattoo. It is always best to use a professional like a skin specialist, dermatologist or a highly recommend laser technician if you have decided on laser treatment.


The best policy when looking for someone to remove your tattoo. Is to make a small list of places with a good reputation who could do it for you and get their costs. Then if you haven’t the money right away for the one you like to start a savings plan. Once you worked one out what you can save a week on a month maybe get a loan that fits in with the saving plan you have worked out.


If the tattoo is not that important to removal right away by this I mean is it stopping you getting the job you want or does it carry bad memories that you don’t want to be associated with any more then it is best to save up then taken on a debt.


The good news is laser technology has got better and the people using the new equipment have also become more proficient and more likely not to leave you with a scar.


The new lasers break up the pigment colors in the tattoo by using a high-intensity light beam. If your tattoo was done in black ink sometimes called blue/black tattoos then the result are pretty good as the black pigment will absorb all laser wavelengths and would probably clear the tattoo is a few sessions.


It can take many sessions to remove a old tattoo as the pigments used in the past had all sorts of things added to them The inks that are used today are much better made and give less of a problem as they are removed, but it will still depend on the expertise of the person removing the tattoo.


There are two different forms of laser treatment so you need to know what one would be used. One is known as a passive laser and found a lot in a beauty salon and tattoo parlors. This passive method won’t remove your tattoo completely which is not to bad if you are having another tattoo put over the one you want to be removed. This is the cheaper of the two types of laser treatment.

Panic Attacks

The other type of laser is what is called active or known as Q-switch. This method will take out fluorescent colors such as purple, green yellow, and light blue. Because it can do this the cost is higher. Again the size of the tattoo will determine the price too. You can find more information about q-switching here


You could say there is a third part to having a tattoo removed apart from the cost and possible scarring and that is the pain. Like some dentist who first put a small gaze patch that has anesthetic absorbed in it which is placed on the gum before they use the needle, so a good laser technician would use one of the anesthetics creams on the market and rub this over the tattoo that is to be removed.


So there is a pain having laser treatment and the will be more if your tattoo is in a sensitive place. No more can really be said over this, pain is a pain.


There is another way of removing a tattoo without having a panic attack and without having to have laser treatment. Have a look at this it might save you a lot of pain and money. the clock on the photo for looks of information on this other method.


Using Anesthetic Cream for Tattoos- Yes or No?

Using anesthetic cream for tattoos


Emla cream is an anesthetic that seems to be used the most but it would be a good idea to ask the pharmacy there may be other even better. You would rub the cream on your skin before you have a tattoo or even if you are having a tattoo removed.

People in the tattoo business are divided as to its use, for a number of reasons. One is too slow the treatment and two it adds cost to the treatment?

How to use Elma cream

When you decide to have a tattoo removed then the first thing you are going to do is ask around and find out who in your area could do it. You will then get a price for the work. This is where people in the trade have different views on using or not using anesthetic creams.

Some say that it adds time to the procedure of having a tattoo removed because you have to stop every 30-60 minutes to put more cream on and wait for it to take effect before the treatment can proceed. If they are on a fixed price then they lose money if the treatment takes a lot more time.

Using anesthetic cream for tattoos

Another reason why some tattoo studios won’t use anesthetic creams says there is more pain when the cream wears off than some discomfort a person feel while having the removal of the tattoo. Their reasoning is that a person feels all the discomfort of the removal at once when anesthetic stops working.

So what is right, anesthetic or no anesthetic.

There s an old but true saying a customer is always right. If a person is looking to have anesthetic with the removal of their tattoo it is because they are worried about how much pain there is going to be. They may have got themselves really stressed out, anxiety would be fuelling their fears to a state that they could trigger off panic attacks. So regardless how the owner of a studio feel about anesthetic it is the customer who is paying them and if a customer is worried about scarring or pain over a removal then they should be helped to relieve that anxiety and stress they are feeling.

The studio or laser parishioner may not know how the person who wants the tattoo remove felt when they first had the tattoo put on their skin, it could have been a real nightmare for them. They may have been cohorts in having a tattoo by their partner or their peers (be one of the crowd)

A good tattoo studio or laser treatment center would offer a cream and if the tattoo to be remove is on the ankles or ribs (painful areas) as well as the cream give local injections (made consisting of a small amount of benzocaine, lido, and tetracaine, all forms of anesthetic) is probably the best method. Then when the treatment is over the cooling system would be used something like Zimmer which is German machine or Vinyl which is from China

It is always good business to cater for what a customer wants, maybe not what they need but that is not up to those who remove tattoo decision. Its the one who pays.

Side effects of using anesthetics

Make sure you have not allergic with any of the ingredients used in the anesthetics you may be offered or buy yourself. When you go to buy a cream ask to look at the information leaflet in the box which will give you all the information about using the product. If you are offered an anesthetic injection find out first before your appointment what would be in it and go to your local pharmacist for advice. any other medical condition you may have it is best to get some answers before you start with any type of procedures on your body.


Get Risk Free Trial of Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Cream Today

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Cream

If you’re just looking for a place to buy Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Cream, click the button below to get the best possible price on Wrecking Balm. If you buy through us, you will get our Wrecking Balm discount


You might be asking yourself, Does Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Cream work? I believe that the company that makes this tattoo removal product, Preval, believes so strongly that it will work to fade your tattoo, that they are the only maker of tattoo remover cream (to my knowledge) to offer a money back satisfaction guarantee!

That is really saying a lot! This means that you have absolutely no risk when purchasing from them. The fact that they are even willing to offer a guarantee like this means that they must really believe the product will work for you. If it didn’t work to fade people’s tattoos, everyone who ordered the product would want their money back and they would quickly go out of business.

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Cream

Like I mentioned a minute ago, I’m not aware of any other company that makes tattoo removal cream that offers a money back guarantee. I searched the Internet to try to find one but I was unsuccessful. You really have to ask yourself why these other companies that make this product aren’t willing to stand behind their product and back it up with a guarantee?

Important: The only way to get the lowest price and get Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Cream amazing satisfaction guarantee is to place your order online. If you buy it in the store, THERE IS NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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This product ( Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Cream ) in the store costs $49.97 for only 12 applications. This works out to $4.16 per use! Yikes! That’s expensive! Not only is it expensive, but you also don’t get the money back satisfaction guarantee if you buy it in a store. That’s not all. It’s only available in a very limited number of stores so you’re local stores probably don’t even carry it.

The cost of the 24 application pack is regularly $199.95 but If you buy the 24 application kit through us, you will get our Internet price and only pay $79.95 That’s a savings of almost 20% AND you get the amazing money back satisfaction guarantee that is not available if you buy from a store.

The secret to getting the lowest price:

The regular price for the 72 application pack is $399.95 but if you order the 72 application kit through us, you will get our Internet price and only pay $179.95 This works out to be only $2.50 per use! That means you will save $1.66 each time you apply the product. That’s a savings of 60% if you buy through us AND not only that but your purchase is protected by the satisfaction guarantee.

Keep in mind that you will have to use the product for several months to fully fade your tattoo. If you buy the equivalent amount of product that you get in the 72 application kit from the store, you’ll have to pay $299.82! If you buy through us, you only pay $179.95. That’s a saving of $119.87! It just makes sense to buy through us!


Let me give you another reason why it just makes sense to buy in larger quantities. We’ve already established the fact that in order to successfully fade your tattoo, you will need to use this product for several months. If you purchase the 24 application pack, that is only enough fading cream to last you for two months. Let’s say that end up needing to use the product for six months or more to fade your tattoo away. You most likely will have to use it this long.


I believe most tattoos will take at least this long or longer to fully fade. This would mean that you would need place three orders if you were ordering the 24 application pack each time. It also means that you would have to pay for shipping three separate times. The total cost that you would pay for shipping if you placed three orders every couple months apart would be $59.85. Not to mention that the cost per application of the product is higher if you purchase a 24 application pack vs. if you purchase a 72 application pack.

If you purchase the 72 application pack, this is enough product to last you for six months This means that you would save $34.90 just in shipping charges alone by purchasing the product in larger volume. Doesn’t it just make more sense to place an order for a six months supply and save yourself even more money by doing so?

Maybe you’re worried that the product might not work for you and then you’d be stuck with six months worth of the fade cream? If you are, let me remind you that you get a six-month money back guarantee on the product if you purchase a six month supply, so there’s really no risk at all. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again if this product wasn’t actually effective at fading tattoos, it stands to reason that everyone who ordered it would want their money back and the company would quickly go belly up. This clearly hasn’t happened so it makes sense that the product must work.

Like any product that you buy, I’m sure there have been people who have bought this product and been unhappy with it. My bet would be that they were unhappy with it because they just weren’t patient enough and quit using the product too soon. Remember, the product is designed to work slowly to gently fade your tattoo a little bit at a time. If it was formulated strongly enough to remove it very rapidly, there might be some very unpleasant side effects like the side effects that are can happen with laser tattoo removal.

If you’d like to see the unpleasant side of laser removal here is some laser tattoo removal pictures. Let me warn you before you view them that they may not be for the faint of heart. I have to admit that a few of them turned my stomach a little.

If you’re here for Wrecking Balm reviews or to learn about removing the cream, then by all means, please keep reading. Let me start off by telling you that there is no home tattoo removal product that is

actually called Wrecking Ball tattoo removal cream. Many people mistakenly call Wrecking Balm, Wrecking Ball or Wrecking Balm tattoo removal. They are one and the same.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about this amazing tattoo remover product. Wrecking Balm tattoo removal is one of the most popular tattoo removal systems on the market.  Tattoo removal has traditionally been done by a series of very expensive and very painful visits to the doctor.  With laser tattoo removal cost being so high, it’s no wonder that so many people are interested in home tattoo removal options.

Removal with laser removal is really expensive. You might have to spend close to $10,000 of dollars if you choose to have it removed with lasers. Why not save yourself a bundle of money and buy Wrecking Balm tattoo removal cream today? It’s much less painful to both your wallet and your body. I don’t know about you but I’m not that crazy about the idea of having a skin burned with a super high-intensity laser.

Now, let’s talk about how to remove tattoos with this popular removal system. The system incorporates several steps in their process of tattoo removal. Wrecking Balm tattoo removal cream is one part of a three-step process. Let’s have a look at all three steps.

The first is with a gentle machine called a Demomatic™.  This device, when used with Wrecking Balm’s Suffusion™ gel gently, exfoliates the tattooed skin.  This step jump starts the process and prepares the tattoo for step two.

The next step is to apply a misting of the Demo-Brasion™ spray.  This will encourage skill peeling which will penetrate deep inside the skin to remove the tattoo ink.

Next, you simply apply the Hydravescent™ cream to soothe the skin and promote skin cell regeneration and overall healthy skin. This tattoo removal system also incorporates a cover and conceal cream called Branding Butter™.  There may be occasions when you want to be discreet and hide your tattoo. The product takes a while to work. The sooner you buy it, the sooner you can remove that ugly tattoo!   It takes time for your body to absorb the ink as it is broken down by the product. As the product causes skin peeling, the skin cells will need time to regenerate and heal. Be patient, follow the instructions closely, and watch this tattoo fade cream work it’s magic!

Don’t put this off for one more day. Get started now! You’re just one click away from the clean skin that you’ve been wanting for so long!

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The company also sells some awesome vitamins called DermaCore™ that help speed up the process. Be sure and buy DermaCore™ when you buy Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Cream. The vitamins work to speed up skin cell healing and promote overall healthy skin. This is a great product to use while you are working on fading your ink away. For a limited time only, you can try DermaCore™ risk-free for 60 days!

It’s a good idea to keep a photo journal of your tattoo fading journey.  Simply take a photo of the inked skin on day one and on one-week intervals throughout the entire time you are using the product.  This way you can look back from week to week to see the fading progress.

Be sure and take the photo under the same light, in the same location, and with the same camera each time.  If you don’t, there may be variances in the way the photo turns out that will make it impossible to do accurate comparisons of each photo. Then you won’t know for sure how well the product is working for you. If you take the photograph one day with a high-quality digital SLR camera and then the following week you take the photograph with a low-quality camera phone in poor lighting, you won’t really be able to accurately compare the two photos because the first photograph would have probably turned out quite well and the second one will probably be mediocre at best. Be sure and choose a good quality camera to use for this photo documentation and use the same camera each time you take a follow-up photograph.

It’s also very important that you take the photographs under the same lighting each time. I don’t mean simply take it in front of the same window every time. If you take the photograph in front of your bedroom window at 9:00 PM one day and you take the photographs in front of your bedroom window at 9:00 AM the next time, the lighting will be quite different and the photograph will likely turn out quite differently. The reason it’s important to keep everything consistent is so that you have an accurate representation of how much it is actually fading. If you are constantly switching back and forth between different cameras, and taking the pictures under different lighting conditions during different times of the day, you might get discouraged when one photo looks like the tattoo is and fading and another one looks like it isn’t fading.

Oh, one last important thing that is worth mentioning again about this low-cost tattoo removal method!  The company offers the best satisfaction guarantee in the business on their product. If you are not satisfied, they will refund your money.  No questions asked! To my knowledge, they are the only company to make tattoo fading cream that offers a money back satisfaction guarantee. This really says a lot about the product. Why do you think they are the only company to offer this kind of guarantee? My guess is it’s because it’s the only one really works. If the other products actually worked, why then wouldn’t they offer some sort of money back guarantee? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

The other thing is that they don’t hide the fact that they offer a money back guarantee in the fine print at the bottom of their website. They shout it from the rooftops because they are proud of it and they really believe that their product will be effective at fading your tattoo. Some companies that offer a satisfaction guarantee on their products hide the fact that they have a return policy deep inside their website hoping that no one will notice and no one will return it and ask for their money back. This company plasters information about their guarantee all over their website. They really want you to know that there’s no risk when you purchase their removal cream because they will happily take it back if it doesn’t work for you.

Thanks for visiting my site on Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal Cream reviews and other tattoo removal options.


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If you are serious about getting inked, you should make sure that you choose a tattoo design that you will be happy with for your entire lifetime. The best way to ensure that you choose the right design, I suggest you choose your design from an online gallery called Chopper Tattoo.


Are Tattoos on the Way Out?

Tattoos on the Way Out

Over the last year or so research coming into ours shows there is a decrease of younger people having tattoos. So the tattoo rush that was propagated by film stars and sportsmen and woman may be over?

Some say that tattooing by the young was a rebellion against their elders as it was some years ago with all the rage in a number of western countries young people rushed to have their tongue, eyelids and other parts of their bodies pierced, this seems to have slowed down maybe because of the job market is getting harder to find work as more companies see their staff as a reflection on their companies image.

Tattoos on the Way Out

What is showing up is more people in their 40 years to 60 years are having a tattoo somewhere on their body. The likes of Samantha Cameron with her dolphin on her ankle r the English actress Dame Helen Mirren who at the age of 69 has her tattoo on her hand. The Prime Minister of G.B wife has a tattoo but the Prime Minister says he would not like his children to have any.

Research shows that there is no sign of that many tattoo parlors are closing but much small retail shop over the last year have been shutting due to lack of trade. It seems the internet is taken its toll on lots of small shops with people like Amazon taken a bigger share in the marketplace every year. The tattoo trade has been quick to take advantage of the internet. the internet a small tattooist look larger than they might be. The internet lets tattooist sell their images anywhere in the world with a simple click of a button. what is showing at the moment in the U.K is taken personal photographs and having them adopted to copy onto a person body.


Companies who supply the tattoo industry seem to be split into two main groups. One group of companies who sell inks and manufacture and sell the tattoo guns. The other side the companies manufacturing the lasers to take the tattoos off.


There seems to be a lot more case of bad hygiene practices as more people come into the tattoo business. I resent, reports Delawarerecenth dept have shut one business for unsterile equipment. There is a growing risk of Hepatitis and HIV. In the UK figures just been a most real show that 27000 people a year are contracting HIV, if only one percent (270) of these people have a tattoo then a poorly run tattoo shop could pass HIV on because they have not sterilizes they tattoo gun and needle right.


So the question that started this article is the tattoo on the decline. I would say no but like all things the popularity of different thing is like the tide, they came into fashion and they go out of fashion.

What we believe in our office that 3d images tattoos may come in a big way. So what is a 3D tattoo? Have you not seen the images where the artist has done a street scene as you stand on top of a building looking down or the men working in a large hole. Stress artists are now doing this type of art it won’t be long when people want this on their bodies.

3d tattoos

This will give you some idea what a 3D image looks like but on a real persons chest much more real.  I have only seen one tattoo like this so far and that is a young man had a 3D tattoo on his chest. It looks like his rib cage has been pulled apart and it shows his hart. What was strange when he expanded his chest in and out quickly it looked like the heart was beating – very strange.