The Dangers and Risks of Excision Tattoo Removal

The Dangers and Risks of Excision Tattoo Removal

Excision tattoo removal is the procedure of removing a tattoo by actually “cutting it out” and sewing the skin back together. This method positively eliminates the unwanted tattoo.

Do you have a tattoo that you no longer want and are now considering the various tattoo removal methods?

Many people will get a tattoo on a whim and then decide later on down the road that they didn’t really want that particular tattoo, or even want one at all! Then sadly and mistakenly believe that they are stuck with it forever. This may have been true in the past but medical science has come a long way and now there are many ways to remove that tattoo, sometimes with minimal scarring.

Excision Tattoo Removal

You should remember though that, depending on the tattoo removal method chosen, a tattoo might not be totally removed. Some colors, such as the green and yellow inks might stay embedded in your skin. Green and yellow ink can be very hard to remove completely.

What Can I Expect With a Tattoo Excision?

Also, as mentioned above, scaring may be possible. How much scar tissue is left will depend on how big the tattoo was, how well you heal (as will be mentioned below), how the tattoo was put on and how long you have had it.

If the tattoo was done by a professional, it will indeed be a little easier to remove because the artist will have injected the coloring into the skin evenly, which you don’t really see with an amateur tattoo.

This particular method of tattoo removal that we will discuss here is known as excision tattoo removal.

Contrary to what you may have viewed on the Internet, under no circumstances is tattoo excision a DIY or do-it-yourself tattoo removal method! This must be done by a skilled surgeon.

The surgeon will usually do an excision when the tattoo is small, but if it is a bigger tattoo then the doctor or surgeon will most likely have to do the removal in two or more sessions.

This is really not a big deal and it is relatively easy for them to do. They would remove the inside of the tattoo first and then when you go back, they would perform an excision on the outside of the tattoo.

As extreme as excision tattoo removal seems, if your tattoo is small, then perhaps this method might be a more desirable surgical procedure to use. If you are fortunate enough to have a smaller tattoo that you want to be removed, it can be quick, in and out a procedure that may be done in an hour or less.

If you are afraid of surgeries there is no need to be because as stated, the procedure is pretty simple and the surgeons know what they are doing.

Here is a little more information on what to expect when going for an excision tattoo removal.

First, the excision tattoo removal will begin with the nurse or doctor giving you an injection (local anesthetic) to numb the area where the tattoo is. When the freezing or anesthetic has numbed your skin, the doctor will begin the excision tattoo removal process. When the doctor removes the tattoo, he or she will remove the first and second layer of skin (they refer to this as “full thickness” removal). After it is removed, the doctor will then stitch it up using sutures.

Excision Tattoo Removal

When removing a larger tattoo, Doctor might have to “graft” skin from another part of your body in this place so that they can close it up again. The grafting will not hurt and when the site heals you will most likely not even notice the difference.

That is why many people, who have a small tattoo they want to be removed, are so fond of the excision tattoo removal. With this method, excising your tattoo can be done by the doctor in one or two steps as described above and then you will never have to think about it again. At worst, you will be left with a small thin scar and this too will get lighter over time.

I am really not so sure about the Excision Tattoo Removal. Do I have other Tattoo Removal Options?

There definitely are other tattoo removal methods available, both surgical and non-surgical, with the right research to your individual preferences, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the right method, whether it be Laser Removal, TCA, Glycolic Acid, or any of the other various methods.



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