Are Tattoos on the Way Out?

Tattoos on the Way Out

Over the last year or so research coming into ours shows there is a decrease of younger people having tattoos. So the tattoo rush that was propagated by film stars and sportsmen and woman may be over?

Some say that tattooing by the young was a rebellion against their elders as it was some years ago with all the rage in a number of western countries young people rushed to have their tongue, eyelids and other parts of their bodies pierced, this seems to have slowed down maybe because of the job market is getting harder to find work as more companies see their staff as a reflection on their companies image.

Tattoos on the Way Out

What is showing up is more people in their 40 years to 60 years are having a tattoo somewhere on their body. The likes of Samantha Cameron with her dolphin on her ankle r the English actress Dame Helen Mirren who at the age of 69 has her tattoo on her hand. The Prime Minister of G.B wife has a tattoo but the Prime Minister says he would not like his children to have any.

Research shows that there is no sign of that many tattoo parlors are closing but much small retail shop over the last year have been shutting due to lack of trade. It seems the internet is taken its toll on lots of small shops with people like Amazon taken a bigger share in the marketplace every year. The tattoo trade has been quick to take advantage of the internet. the internet a small tattooist look larger than they might be. The internet lets tattooist sell their images anywhere in the world with a simple click of a button. what is showing at the moment in the U.K is taken personal photographs and having them adopted to copy onto a person body.


Companies who supply the tattoo industry seem to be split into two main groups. One group of companies who sell inks and manufacture and sell the tattoo guns. The other side the companies manufacturing the lasers to take the tattoos off.


There seems to be a lot more case of bad hygiene practices as more people come into the tattoo business. I resent, reports Delawarerecenth dept have shut one business for unsterile equipment. There is a growing risk of Hepatitis and HIV. In the UK figures just been a most real show that 27000 people a year are contracting HIV, if only one percent (270) of these people have a tattoo then a poorly run tattoo shop could pass HIV on because they have not sterilizes they tattoo gun and needle right.


So the question that started this article is the tattoo on the decline. I would say no but like all things the popularity of different thing is like the tide, they came into fashion and they go out of fashion.

What we believe in our office that 3d images tattoos may come in a big way. So what is a 3D tattoo? Have you not seen the images where the artist has done a street scene as you stand on top of a building looking down or the men working in a large hole. Stress artists are now doing this type of art it won’t be long when people want this on their bodies.

3d tattoos

This will give you some idea what a 3D image looks like but on a real persons chest much more real.  I have only seen one tattoo like this so far and that is a young man had a 3D tattoo on his chest. It looks like his rib cage has been pulled apart and it shows his hart. What was strange when he expanded his chest in and out quickly it looked like the heart was beating – very strange.


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