Are Tattoos Dangerous to your Skin?

Are Tattoos Dangerous to your Skin?


Are Tattoos Dangerous?

You can hardly go anywhere these days without seeing someone who viewed their skin as a blank canvas. Back in the day, that would have raised an eyebrow or two, but these days it’s pretty common to see ink on everyone from Junior to Grandma.


Currently, as arts speculate that25 percent of Americans under age 30 have a tattoo. That number is sure to rise as new studios popping up around the nation faster than dandelions in your backyard There are questions that everyone should answer before getting a tattoo


First, since you will live with the decision for a lifetime, ask what risks you may be facing. Not all tattoos are created equal.


Talk to people who have gotten inked and you will soon discover that 50 percent or later wish they hadn’t played canvas for some ink artist.

Are Tattoos Dangerous

What about your friends? Any regrets?  What about your employer? Do they have policies regarding showing ink at work?  Do you know the rules? It’s risky and probably a bit foolish to get yourself on the boss’ short list just because you wanted a tattoo.


Ask your tattoo artist for the source of their inks.  Tattoo ink is not regulated by the government and some have tested positive for carcinogens and mercury. These are not the kinds of things you want to have to cling to your skin for decades to come!


Some inks can cause allergic reactions. Infections while not common, can occur too. Be sure to find out how your tattoo artist will handle these kinds of emergencies.  The time to do your research is before you take the plunge and go shoulder to shoulder with modern art.


In the end, asking the right questions can help you avoid the greatest expense related to getting a tattoo: getting it removed. Do the research and start slow. Even Ray Bradbury’s “Illustrated Man” took a lifetime to transform his body into a life-sized canvas.


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