Day: December 12, 2018

Houston’s Tattoo Removal Program/D-TAG program Succeeds Where Others Have Failed!

    Everyone has done something during their life they wish they could change.  “Shoud’a, could’a, would’a” is a game we all play at one time or another. Sometimes it’s ...


Microdermabrasion vs IPL/Photofacial: What’s the Difference?

Microdermabrasion: A Microdermabrasion treatment involves a micro derm machine. Microdermabrasion expert offers a twenty-first-century skincare technology for applying the millennia-old technique of dermabrasion. By eliminating the powders and crystals they offer gentler ...


Skin Rejuvenation Treatment: You Need To Know Everything!

  Skin Rejuvenation Treatment: Changes in people skin are the most noticeable sign of aging. Skin Aging affects everyone and throughout time many people have searched for methods to delay ...