Day: November 24, 2018


Tat Tactics: What Companies Think Of Your Tattoos?

Do You Know? What Companies Think Of Your Tattoos? Greg, a vice president of technology for a Manhattan asset management company, has three holes in his nose. Two of the ...


Tattoo Removal Creams vs. Laser and Surgery: What is Best for You?

Tattoo removal creams are becoming an increasingly popular treatment versus the traditional options, that is, laser and surgery. Not a surprise, since a topical tattoo removal cream can fade and, ...


Tattoo Laser Removal: Expert Experience and Knowledge

  Tattoo Laser Removal Expert experience and knowledge coupled with high-tech laser technology allow just about anyone to have their tattoo removed safely and effectively.   Welcome to, my ...


Tattoo Cover Ups: What to Consider with a Cover Up Tattoo?

 Are Tattoo Cover Ups an Effective Means of Ridding Yourself of Tattoo Ink You Regret? So you made a mistake and got a tattoo that you were not prepared to ...

temporary tattoo

Tattoos Can Be Temporary- Do You Think This Is True?

Undo Your Ink! Sometimes our tattoos define us.  For life.  However, sometimes our old tattoos from years ago no longer represent who we are today! Studies have shown that out of people ...

getting my tattoo removed

How do I know who to trust when I getting my tattoo removed?

Getting removed a tattoo from the back whether it be the small of the back or the shoulder is much like any other tattoo removal. Typically these type of tattoos are ...

Tattoo Ink

What Tattoo Ink Are Used by a Tattoo Removal Expert?

  Tattoos are all the rage these days. They can make a personal statement about you, that is well thought out, can work well for a lifetime.  Unfortunately, sometimes, people ink ...

Are Tattoos Dangerous

Are Tattoos Dangerous to your Skin?

  Are Tattoos Dangerous? You can hardly go anywhere these days without seeing someone who viewed their skin as a blank canvas. Back in the day, that would have raised an eyebrow ...